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10 Of The Best Songs About Maine: Pine Tree State Playlist

Maine is known for its beautiful landscapes, rocky coastline, lighthouses, lobster rolls, and of course, its pine trees. It’s no surprise then that Maine has been the inspiration for many songs over the years.

In this post, we’ve compiled ten of the best songs about Maine. So, whether you’re a native Mainer or just visiting, this playlist will have you feeling like you’re standing in the middle of a snow-covered pine forest with the ocean waves crashing in the background. Enjoy!

1. “King of the Road” by Roger Miller

First up, “King of the Road” is a classic song from the famous Roger Miller. This hit topped country charts for weeks and even broke into the top 5 pop hits of the 60s. Miller’s deep voice pairs with his playful guitar playing and honky-tonk lyrics.

The lyrics show a man on the move, taking midnight trains and working to afford small places to stay along the road. In this railroad song, Miller envisions the train’s destination as Bangor, Maine. Miller took inspiration for this song from a sign he saw that said “Trailer for Rent” and a hobo statuette he purchased at an airport.

This classic still holds up today, and it’s a fun song about Maine to begin.

2. “Portland, Maine” by Donovan Woods

Next, a song with the direct title “Portland, Maine” by Donovan Woods is a soft, acoustic indie tune. Woods’ skill at playing folk music and writing lyrics has won him multiple awards. Originally by him, this song has become well-known, and Tim McGraw has covered it.

Despite the song having a direct reference in the title to the city of Portland, Maine, the lyrics describe the singer not knowing where it is. Instead, it’s a song focused on cutting short a long-distance relationship to save pain.

“Portland, Maine” is a gentle tune with plenty of heart, and this song is great to listen to and relax.

3. “Long Time Sunshine” by Weezer

“Long Time Sunshine” is a surprisingly soft song from the well-known rock band Weezer. Many of Weezer’s more popular songs are known for their energetic style, but this is a different side of Weezer. It eventually devolves into a collection of vocals shouting at the end, but it begins very gently.

Weezer is a California band, and this song begins with the lyricist wishing to go back East to states like Maine. It’s a song that reveals a longing for a simpler lifestyle, making a home on the Eastcoast.

If you’re already a fan of Weezer or if you’re looking for a softer song about Maine, it’s great to listen to this melody.

4. “Nothing But Time” by Jackson Browne

Another classic rock song about Maine, “Nothing But Time” by Jackson Browne, has that old-school rock and roll feel.

Browne’s prestigious career has landed him a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s not just his musical ability, but his skillful lyric writing has meant success for himself and other bands like the Eagles.

The lyrics of this song begin on the highway, taking a road out of Portland, Maine. The early reference sets the stage for this road trip song. This upbeat melody is the perfect addition to any road trip playlist, no matter the destination.

5. “The Reach” by Dan Fogelberg

Now, Dan Fogelberg’s song “The Reach” is a beautiful, slow ballad about the cycles of life shown through the sceneries of Maine. Fogelberg was a talented musician who paired with the likes of the Eagles and Elton John.

“The Reach” is a song about Maine that encapsulates the spirit of the state. It shows the changing season in the autumn leaves and celebrates the hard work of the lobstermen. As many know, Maine is known for its lobster and beach towns.

If you’re from Maine or visiting, this is a calming song for listening to and appreciating the ocean’s raw power and beauty.

6. “The King of Maine” by Spose

Up next is a song about Maine from a Maine-native musician. This rap song “The King of Maine” by Spose has obvious connections from the title and strings reference to Maine throughout the lyrics. Spose is a rising rap artist who has humble beginnings selling Maine lobster.

The rhythmic beat and catchy lyrics describe Spose himself as the King of Maine. Spose references Maine’s team, the Celtics, and their hallmark elk and lobster. Throughout the video and the song, Spose also remarks about multiple towns found throughout Maine.

You’ll appreciate all the nods to Maine this song has, and it’s a work of love for Spose’s home state.

7. “Main Stein Song” by Rudy Vallée

Rudy Vallée would set the stage for Frank Sinatra and pop stars today, but first, he was a student at Maine University. While attending the school, he decided to cover the university song, and the “Maine Stein Song” would become the first school song to the top charts.

Vallée is a foundational figure in American music, as he’s known for having a hand in beginning the crooning style of singing and teen-heartthrob status for artists. The classical music gives way to lyrics encouraging drinking steins in honor of the state of Maine.

This song about Maine is a quirky part of American music history, and it’s fun to enjoy that Maine is the subject.

8. “That Jane from Maine” by Doris Day

The next song from Doris Day is “That Jane from Maine,” which is an upbeat classic. An infamous actress and singer, Doris Day’s bright voice brings plenty of life to this song about a Maine woman named Jane, who is more beautiful than any other.

A fun note about this song is that it acccompanies a movie Day starred in, titled It Happened to Jane. The movie is in Maine, so it’s a great song and show combo to enjoy the classics.

Day’s skills are well-known, and it’s exciting to see a star experiencing Maine’s beauties.

9. “Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless

Here’s another song from a Maine-native artist that is a classic country song. Dick Curless was born in Maine and was a truck driver when he was in the Korean War. His song, “A Tombstone Every Mile,” reached the top 5 in country charts after his return.

The song focuses on the treacherous winter roads truckers face in Maine. A man with experience in both the state and trucking, Curless’ deep voice tells about the dangers of delivering goods in Haynesville Woods.

This song about Maine may be a warning, but it’s got the classic feel of old country radio.

10. “Portland Town” by Schooner Fare

Finally, we end with another Maine-based artist. “Portland Town” by Schooner Fare is a folksy song about approaching the light of the town of Portland.

Schooner Fare is from Maine, and the band has been around since the 70s. They’ve risen in popularity, and their songs have an Irish-folk sound. It’s a fun, hopeful song about the homey feeling of Maine. The focus on the bay gives it an almost shanty feel that makes you want to sing along.

A unique song about Maine, this tune still has a heartfelt feeling.

Summing Up Our List Of Maine Songs

There are so many songs about Maine, and many famous artists and tunes have come from the state! It’s hard to choose a favorite with the number of choices.

Maine is a beautiful state, so it’s no wonder it’s inspired many hits. Hopefully, you’ll have a new song about Maine to enjoy after reading.

Have we missed your favorite Maine-themed song? Let us know, and we’ll add it to our list.

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