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10 Perfect Gifts Ideas That Violin Players Will Love

Are you looking for a gift for a violin player? Not sure what they’d like and need some ideas? There are a variety of different products and accessories that are available for violinists to use in their playing or are just nice to have gifts to treat them.

From strings and cases to practice aids and music stands, there’s something here for every violinist. And best of all, these gifts are all reasonably priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to show your loved ones how much you care.

So whether you’re looking for a birthday present, a holiday surprise, or just a little something to show your appreciation, check out this list of 10 perfect gift ideas for violin players. You’re sure to find the perfect present for any musician in your life.

1. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set

One thing that every violinist needs, no matter their skill level, is strings, and the quality of your strings makes a big difference in your sound.

These Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set is one of the most popular choices among professional violinists, and for good reason.

Produced by Pirastro, these strings produce warm and rich tones that give a great sound. With quick reaction times and smooth across the whole fingerboard, once you’ve tried these strings, you won’t be going back to what you were using before.

You really can’t go wrong by purchasing a full set of high-quality strings for any violinist, so it’s an easy no-risk gift to go for that they’re guaranteed to enjoy.

2. Crossrock Violin Case

Violins can get expensive. They’re also incredibly difficult. That’s why a lightweight but strong and durable violin case is never a bad gift for a violinist.

And if you want the best, then this Poly Carbon violin case from Crossrock is scratch-resistant and ready to handle knocks and bashes that come with being a musician. You can even stand on it!

Another thing we liked is that this case includes several straps, including backpack straps, allowing the violinist to comfortably carry their violin around. It’s also available in rose gold, black, and white, depending on what you think their preference is.

3. A Quality Music Stand

Manhasset 50 Orchestral Music Stand (202SPRAV)

Manhasset 50 Orchestral Music Stand (202SPRAV)

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The Manhasset Orchestral Concertino Music Stand is made in the USA and provides long-lasting use due to its quality products and…
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Magic Finger Shaft is featured on this stand, making adjustments to height and tilt just got even easier on this Manhasset stand
  • DURABLE: With heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base, your Orchestral Concertino stand provides unmatched stability throughout your performance in an…

If you want a really practical gift for a violinist, then a very safe bet would be buying them a good quality music stand. They’re almost as essential as a violinist’s bow these days, and if they’re anything like most musicians, they’re constantly losing them and leaving them at gigs!

If you’re looking for a good quality one that the pros use, then check out this Manhasset 50 Orchestral Music Stand, which is durable, adjustable, and the perfect addition to your violinist’s practice room.

Sturdy yet lightweight, it has loads of room for music with a little additional second shelf which is perfect for storing a bow, rosin, and other accessories. It’s highly recommended for string players and makes a great gift.

4. A Clip-On Violin Tuner

Snark Super Snark 2 Clip-On Tuner Black

Snark Super Snark 2 Clip-On Tuner Black

  • Faster than the original High definition screen The most accurate Snark yet
  • The Super Snark 2 Clip-On Tuner is even more accurate than the original
  • It’s faster to react to vibrations from the headstock, and also has a higher definition screen that’s easy to read

When learning the violin, or any instrument for that fact, a key part is learning to play in tune. A lot of that comes from years of practice, but that assumes that they’ve tuned the violin in the first place.

A quick and convenient tuner is one that clips onto the violin. This one from Super Snark is a really good option and also works with a number of other instruments.

It’s lightweight and portable thanks to its compact size and very accurate. We also love the design that allows it to be easily attached to a music stand, an instrument, and a variety of additional surfaces.

5. A Violin Stand with Bow Holder

Eastar EST-006 Violin Stand Viola Stand with Bows Hook Holder Portable Adjustable

Eastar EST-006 Violin Stand Viola Stand with Bows Hook Holder Portable Adjustable

  • ✅ Avantgarde Design: Eastar EST-006 uses double support stand design, two supporting feet open at the same time, closed at the same time, for more…
  • ✅ Practical Design: Retractable bow shelf, can place the longest 32.68inches/83cm violin bow, violin protection button, after placing the violin can…
  • ✅ Folding Structure: the longest size after folding is 13inches/33cm, which is very portable and is easy for musicians to carry out and can be used…

As we discussed earlier with cases, violins are incredibly fragile. They’re also quite an awkward shape which can make putting them down when not in use tricky.

One good solution is to use a violin stand so that they don’t fall off a chair or get knocked and damaged. This one here from Eastar is a great option that’s adjustable and features a bow holder so that violinists can easily place their violins and bows down to rest or display.

The stand features a sturdy base that dependably keeps equipment upright. A protection lock is also equipped at the head of the stand securing, the scroll of the violin in place. It will also hold up to two violin bows, so you can keep them safe too.

6. Hal Leonard Corp – 101 Hit Songs: For Violin


101 Hit Songs: for Violin

101 Hit Songs: for Violin

  • for Violin Series: Instrumental Folio Format: Softcover Violin Artist: Various Inventory #HL 00197188 ISBN: 9781495075353 UPC: 888680645496 Width:…
  • This massive collection will keep instrumentalists busy with 101 pop hits to learn and play! Songs include: All About That Bass All of Me Brave…
  • This massive collection will keep instrumentalists busy with 101 pop hits to learn and play! Songs include: All About That Bass All of Me Brave…

Another great gift for a violinist is some repertoire for them to play. The 101 Hit Songs: For Violin book by Hal Leonard is a great music book for violinists who want to perform more than just classical music.

The book features songs from Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Nirvana, and many more artists so they can easily expand their repertoire while still having fun learning new music and practicing technique.

7. Kun – Bravo Shoulder Rest

Kun Bravo 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun Bravo 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Elegant curly maple and polished brass
  • And it’s strong, durable, and fully adjustable
  • The Bravo comes assembled, and packaged in a velvet drawstring bag

Unlike a guitar that sits on your knee or is held with a strap, violinists grip their instrument by holding it between their chin and their shoulder. It can, as you expect, get quite uncomfortable.

But, you can purchase shoulder rests to help make them easy to play and a lot more comfortable to help maintain good posture!

Kun is a well-known, and highly-reputable shoulder rest brand that manufactures some of the best shoulder rests for violins and violas. The Bravo shoulder rest from Kun features a stylish maple wood design and sturdy brass fittings that reliably secure the shoulder rest to violins.

The comfortable padding of the shoulder rest will help your violinist to play for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The shoulder rest comes with a classy velvet bag too for easy storage.

8. Seiko – SQ50-V Quartz Metronome


Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome

Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome

  • Seiko sq50-v easy-to-use Quartz metronome
  • Choose from 2 types of sounds for tempo and beat
  • Red LED light on the top gives a clear visual tempo indication that is great for practicing without click or during performance

Playing in time is a key skill that every musician needs to practice. The best way to help maintain good time is by practicing with a metronome, and they can make great gifts!

This Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome is high quality, accurate and portable so that they’ll love and help immensely during their practice sessions.

The metronome provides speeds from 40 beats per minute to 208 beats per minute. If a violinist is unsure of the exact tempo that they need, the SQ50-V also features markings that denote several different tempo ranges.

Unlike many of the other metronomes that are available on the market, the SQ50-V also provides a drone note for violinists to tune their instruments to.

9. LED Music Stand Light

If you’ve ever played in an orchestra on stage, you’ll know that despite all the stage lighting, it can sometimes be really hard to see your music!

This music stand light from Vekkia is a bright light that allows musicians to see the notes of their music in dimly-lit environments. Equipped with LED technology, the light offers nine different lighting levels and has a clip at its base that attaches it securely to music stands.

A great little gift that will be well received and used!

10. Zoom Digital Audio Recorder

Recording performances and practice sessions is a very helpful habit that will allow your violinist to improve their skills.

If you’re looking for a good quality yet still an affordable option, then the Zoom H1n Portable Recorder is the one to go for.

With a great microphone, USB input, 32GB of storage, and very simple to use, it’s an essential tool for any budding musician to use to improve their performance skills.

Wrapping Up

That about “wrps up” our post on good presents for violinists; we hope it helped inspire you on what they might like.

If you’re still stuck on what to get the violinist in your life, any of the above gifts would be sure to please. From cases and strings to rosin and bows, there are plenty of options to choose from.

And, with a little thoughtfulness, you can find a gift that perfectly suits their needs and personality.

So, go ahead and spread some holiday cheer – your violin-playing loved one will be sure to appreciate it!

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