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How to Get a Family Law Lawyer Without Money

If you’re facing a family law issue and don’t have the financial means to pay for a lawyer, there are still ways to get help. Many non-profits offer free or low-cost legal services, such as those provided by pro bono lawyers. Depending on your individual situation, you may qualify for government-funded legal aid. You can … Read more

How to Become a Family Law Lawyer

To become a family law lawyer, you must first obtain your Juris Doctorate degree (JD). You can earn this degree through an accredited law school. After completion of the JD program, you will then need to pass the bar exam in your state. Once certified as a practicing lawyer, aspiring family law attorneys should consider … Read more

Family Law Attorneys

For families and couples who are going through difficult legal situations, it can be incredibly beneficial to seek out the advice of a family law attorney. When dealing with such delicate matters, having an experienced lawyer on your side is key for making sure your rights are being represented. Whether you’re considering separation or divorce, … Read more