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New Releases From PORCUPINE TREE, FINAL LIGHT & More Out Today 6/24

This week’s new heavy metal releases include the return of the saddled boys in prog, a sludge/synthwave cocktail, melodic thrash, and more! To the metals…

Betraying The Martyrs – Silver Lining

Genre: Symphonic metalcore/deathcore
Origin: Paris, France
Label: Out Of Line Music

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Starting this week with the new chapter of Betraying The Martyrs. The band are no stranger to lineup shifts, but a vocalist is always an adjustment. Long time fans may need to get used to new vocalist Rui Martins here, but I feel like he kills it. He pairs well with Victor Guillet. If you’re unfamiliar with the band and a fan of grand choruses paired with big ol’ grooves, then this would be a good starting point for the band.

Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind

Genre: Progressive rock
Origin: Nyack, New York
Label: Roadrunner

I was prepared to come her and offhandedly say that Coheed does what Coheed does here and more on. And I say that as a fan. However, the band are experimenting here in interesting ways to the extent that they haven’t done since The Afterman albums. You’re still getting catchiness, proggy rhythms, and high concept space epic lyrics. This time there is also some synthwave dabbling, some dance grooves, and lots of atmosphere in the middle of the record. Jordan has a review here.

Darkane Inhuman Spirits

Genre: Melodic death metal/thrash
Origin: Helsingborg, Sweden
Label: Massacre

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Sweden’s long-running melodic thrashers haven’t put out an album in almost a decade, and that break ends here. Inhuman Spirits is a record of epic, speedy metal rippers. They seem real pissed on this one.

Final Light Final Light

Genre: Experimental/electronic
Origin: Umeå, Sweden/Paris, France
Label: Red Creek

Cult of Luna‘s mainman Johannes is teaming up with Perturbator for a record that sounds exactly like you’d imagine from the pair. This is massive soundscapes, digital instrumentation, slow heaviness, and low bellowing roars. Not a combination I saw coming, but a very successful one.

Horned WolfBecome Like They Are

Genre: Progressive sludge/melodic death metal
Origin: Kansas City, Missouri
Label: Self-released

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Horned Wolf‘s debut sees a wild mix of melodic death metal, metalcore, sludge, stoner, and hard rock. Vocalist Sav MangelsDorf is one of the most dynamic I’ve heard in a while. They easily shift from emotional In This Moment-esque cleans to demonic shrieks. This is an act I hope to hear a lot more from in the future.

Porcupine Tree – Closure/Continuation

Genre: Progressive rock
Origin: Hemel Hempstead, England
Label: Music For Nations/Megaforce

Between this and The Mars Volta doing stuff again, it’s a great time to be a prog dork. Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, and Gavin Harrison came back together after eleven years and the result is unmistakable Porcupine Tree. What a time to be alive. Jordan has a full review here.

Werewolves From The Cave To The Grave

Genre: Technical black/death metal
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Label: Prosthetic

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Wrapping this week with some straight up metal. Pure aggression and energy here with chaotic riffs, demonic vocals, and so much kick drum. This is the band’s third album in as many years, and it’s impressive that they’re able to drop so much good shit so quickly.

Also dropping today…

  • 10,000 YearsIII (Death Valley Records) – Stoner
  • Alestorm Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum (Napalm) – Folk metal
  • Alexisonfire Otherness (Dine Alone) – Post-hardcore
  • AximoaSepsis (Translation Loss Records) – Black metal/grindcore
  • Black Stone CherryLive From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’all (Mascot) – Hard rock/Southern metal
  • BongBongBeerWizards Ampire (Electric Valley Records) – Sludge/drone
  • Candy Heaven Is Here (Relapse) – Hardcore
  • Classless ActWelcome To The Show (Better Noise) – Rock
  • Dali Van Gogh New Blood, Old Wounds (Wormholedeath) – Hard rock
  • Dawn of DestinyOf Silence (El Puerto Records) – Power metal
  • Dying DesolationMidnight (Dying Desolation) – Alternative metal
  • Emery Rub Some Dirt On It (Tooth & Nail) – Post-hardcore/alternative
  • Enchantment Cold Soul Embrace (Transcending Records/Cosmic Key Creations) – Death metal/doom
  • Fairweather Deal (Equal Vision Records) – Post-hardcore/punk
  • Fallen SanctuaryTerranova (AFM) – Melodic power metal
  • Guillotine ADBorn To Fall (M-Theory) – Death metal
  • Hats Barn YaHW.eH (Osmose Productions) – Black metal
  • The HellacoptersThrough The Eyes Of The Hellacopters EP (Nuclear Blast) – Garage rock
  • HushThe Pornography of Ruin (Self-released) – Sludge
  • Khold Svartsyn (Soulseller) – Black metal
  • Knoll Metempiric (Self-released) – Grindcore
  • Kollaps Until The Day I Die (Cold Spring Records) – Post-industrial
  • Limbs Coma Year EP (UNFD) – Post-hardcore
  • Mine Collapse Delusions (Nefarious Industries) – Sludge/noise
  • Mirror QueenInviolate (Tee Pee) – Heavy metal
  • Mystery DudesExit Through the Wormhole (Electric Valley Records) – Stoner/psychedelic
  • Our Dying World Hymns of Blinding Darkness (Self-Released) – Melodic metal
  • Paganizer Beyond The Macabre (Transcending Obscurity) – Death metal
  • Pathos & LogosCult (Self-released) – Progressive
  • Philosophobia Philosophobia (Sensory) – Progressive metal
  • Profiler Profiler (SharpTone Records) – Nu metal/hard rock
  • Projected Hypoxia (Rat Pak) – Alternative metal
  • Radian Discordian (Elburno Records) – Doom/sludge
  • Rebel Priest Lesson In Love (Thundermoose Entertainment) – Heavy metal/hard rock
  • RXPTRS Living Without Death’s Permission (Metal Blade) – Hardcore/hard rock
  • Saor Origins (Season Of Mist) – Atmospheric folk/black metal – Full review
  • Serpent Spawn Crypt Of Torment (Iron Bonehead Productions) – Death metal
  • Veter DaemonazMuse Of The Damned (Osmose Productions) – Black metal
  • Victorius Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War (Napalm) – Power metal
  • Volcandra Border World EP (Prosthetic) – Melodic black metal
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