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Ryan McCaffrey (Cong-Fusion album ‘The World As We Know It’ – CLF Art Lounge 15 April) – London Jazz News

Jazz-funk fusion seven-piece Cong-Fusion’s debut album The World As We Know It is brimming with musical inspirations from Afro-Cuban music, jazz, funk and soul, with deep personal reflections on family, bullying, alcohol, and the experience of travel, conveying an urgent ecological message. Composer and bandleader Ryan McCaffrey looks forward to the band’s forthcoming gig at … Read more

Grammy-Nominated Artists Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their Albums –

It’s bracket season, baby, and with the 64th annual Grammy Awards falling on April 3rd—just one day before the men’s March Madness championship game—it’s time to get your picks in order. Luckily (for the culture) and unluckily (for the odds), the field runs deep. The Best Dance/Electronic Album category is home to a host of … Read more

10 Tracks by Duke Ellington (as pianist) that I Can’t Do Without…by Liam Noble – London Jazz News

In our growing series in which jazz musicians do a deep (and entirely personal and selective) dive into the music of their idols, pianist Liam Noble writes about Duke Ellington as pianist: Duke Ellington. Photo source: New York Public Library A musician once told me he thought that Ellington “couldn’t really play the piano”. I … Read more

World Piano Day 2022 – Melanie Spanswick

Happy World Piano Day! As we celebrate this wonderful instrument, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the copious online events and articles commemorating the 2022 Piano Day. As part of the celebrations, I have been interviewed for the renowned Twinkl education site, which specializes in offering online educational resources for school children, teachers and parents. … Read more

Soul and Fire ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Lee Rice Epstein As a certain high profile artist touts his own foray into prog rock, these small groups recently released albums featuring their own proggy jazz. Each of these features guitars and/or synths in the foreground, but the individual approaches of the groups shows just how much variety there is in the wide … Read more