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The Changing Role of a Music Distributor in 2022 –

Words by Clayton Durant and Alex Jeffrey.

Music distribution is nothing new.

Even since the earliest days of music, distribution has been a critical component for driving the recorded and publishing business. However, the function of the music distributor has changed over the past few years as technology, consolidation, and the emergence of new, well-financed companies has forced many to ask: “What is the role of the music distributor in 2022?”

Today’s music business has found the convergence of independent artists and distribution to be one of the most important areas of growth. According to MiDIAindependent labels and artists increased their combined streaming market share to 31.5% in 2021. This growth comes alongside RIAA’s annual year-end data, which noted that the recorded music business grew by 23% to $14.99 billion from 2020 to 2021.


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